Videos of the Month


I’m gonna try and create a blog post each month with different videos that I’ve found cool on the internet – sometimes I’ll say something about them, sometimes not. Really these posts are like lil springboards that I can write reflective essays from etc.


The above two are cool videos about the possibilities of where humanity is going next; I think we will need to innovate preventative solutions for some of the possible out comes and be careful and clever when dealing with genetic modification!

This idea is a really interesting way of helping homeless people survive in a dignified way that gives them choice. The idea could also lead onto something not just for the homeless – Rose (a masters student) had an idea at the entrepreneurship society event last Tuesday of having a 24h convenience store in a vending machine…well…here it is!

Interesting concept r From Playable city Bristol, that’s going to become a permanent exhibit – it disrupts the flow without disrupting the pace.

A really interesting, slightly nihilistic video about why our creations and technological advances are only a blip in the wider spectrum of things, and things we thought impossible would in 100 years seem like childsplay given the exponential rate at which technology is advancing. It does make you think for a minute about how insignificant we are and whether it really matters at all if we become intrapreneurs, innovators, enrepreneurs, etc. …because in 100 years time our work will likely mostly be forgotten…right?

Towards the end of this video the narrator discusses what homeopathy can give to real medicine – showing how even in essentially the same field of health, two completely different approaches can provide certain benefits that the other can’t, and by taking some of those benefits on board, our health system could improve. That is to say, more fields other than agile development should use agile, inter/transdisciplinary teams.

To finish, a smart glass that actually works well, doesn’t try and overload you with information and doesn’t make you look like a weirdo. When the API for this is released, this thing may become the norm..? I’m not too sure, maybe smart glasses their uses, their possible uses, their issues etc. are worth looking into.




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